• Commercial locksmith

  • Finding that you’ve left your work keys at home or locked them in the building the previous evening is not a good way to start your day. Neither is discovering that the doors have been broken, locks included, by a burglary attempt on the business. Fortunately, 24 hour commercial locksmith in Tottenham are there to make sure that you lose as little business as possible. As Tottenham emergency locksmith services go, this is the one that will handle your call like it’s the only one they have.

    Tottenham Locksmith is right there with a smile and the equivalent of a magic wand during your time of need. Any lock and key problem that you can conjure up they can fix. They understand that the broken lock or lost key threatens to completely throw your entire day off schedule and their main purpose is to provide superior customer care combined with excellent technical skills. Whether it’s a lock replacement or the need to get the keys out of the locked car, you can count on the help you want in your time of need.


    • Lock change
    • Lock repair
    • Installation of padlocks
    • High security locks installation
    • Master key system maintenance
    • Chart creation
    • Making of duplicate keys
    • Re-keying existing locks
    • Re-programming existing digital locks

    Proficient 6 month guaranteed lock installation

    If you have been a victim of residential or commercial burglary call Tottenham locksmith as we do understand what trauma a burglary can cause and that you need immediate help with your current security system.

    If you have been through these situations, then only you would know how powerless and weak you feel. You start banging and kicking on the door and the people outside the door start to do the same but you achieve nothing other than making a scene of a bunch of maniacs, all cursing a lock! Well, that embarrassment will only be if you are unaware of Tottenham Locksmith which have 24/7 helpline for its customers especially for situations.